Research approach

Septomics combines interdisciplinary basic research with clinical and translational research on sepsis and severe infections. Based on a better understanding of the pathophysiological and molecular mechanisms of severe infections, we aim to develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

Using a systems biology research approach, Septomics focuses on the organism as a whole and its response to infection on the one hand, and the virulence mechanisms of sepsis and infectious agents on the other. These processes are investigated by multiple disciplines (e.g. molecular biology, microbiology, infection research and bioinformatics). This interdisciplinary and complementary approach combined with excellent clinical expertise defines Septomics. For example, physicians document patient data, acquire samples from patients threatened or affected by sepsis, and carry out studies to define optimal diagnosis and treatment standards in sepsis. In turn, results from clinical research provide new ideas for novel approaches to basic researchers.

Due to this unique structure, the ZIK Septomics has become a central partner for research on life-threatening infections at the Jena research site since 2009.