Long Night of Sciences

2019-11-22 · 18:00 - 00:00
University Hospital Jena-Lobeda, Building A

Please note: At the Long Night of Sciences you will meet us at the University Hospital in Jena-Lobeda.

A6 From bench to bedside – Sepsis research at ZIK Septomics

How do fungi make us so sick that we're in ICU with sepsis? What happens in our body, so that one organ after the other fails its function? We show how we at ZIK Septomics investigate these questions.

During your visit, we would like to introduce you to our contribution to sepsis research. We will inform you about current research topics and methods of the two working groups Host Fungal Interfaces and Translational Septomics, which are active in both basic research and clinical research.

Our interactive offers:

  • Acidic or alkaline - what tastes better to the fungus Candida albicans? - pH-value quiz with chance of winning, video demonstration and view through the microscope
  • What material are you made of? - Determination of your body composition by means of biolelectric impedance analysis
  • How are our cells supplied with oxygen? - Demonstration of a measurement of the cellular oxygen exchange with the newly developed COMET system

Further information on the Long Night of Science can be found here.

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