Taxonomy & Epidemiology of Pathogenic Fungi

Keratitis network

Mycotic keratitis is a clinical picture with a visus- or bulbus-threatening course. In cooperation with the Department of Ophthalmology of the University Hospital Düsseldorf, the NRZMyk launched the German Fungal Keratitis Registry in 2015. This register collects clinical data from patients with mycotic keratitis confirmed by PCR, culture, histology or confocal microscopy. In parallel, the pathogens are preserved and characterised at the NRZMyk.

Sentinel - Laboratory Network "Invasive Fungal Infections"

With the establishment of a sentinel laboratory network in 2020 initially including ten microbiological institutes within Germany, an important milestone was reached for active surveillance of candidaemia and other invasive fungal infections. For this purpose, an epidemiological recording system was created that allows each cooperation partner to enter relevant data independently in anonymised form with the help of a pseudonymisation code. The isolates of the recorded cases are centrally collected.