Fungal diseases and their challenging treatment explained to kids

Outreach article published in "Frontiers for young minds"


In their scientific article for kids, the authors of the NWG Host Fungal Interfaces and the Fungal Septomics group write about the challenges of treating fungal infections in humans in a language that is especially accessible to teenagers.

The open access science journal "Frontiers of Young Minds" is an online platform that aims to make cutting-edge scientific findings accessible to a young audience. Scientists are invited to present their research in exciting articles and in age-appropriate language to children and teenagers. A children's jury with the assistance of a mentors gives feedback and helps the authors to present their science in a more understandable way by asking comprehension but also curiosity-driven questions. In this way, it is a jounal edited by kids for kids.

"Frontiers for Young Minds" currently makes available to a young audience a collection of over 550 freely accessible scientific articles on astronomy, mathematics, biodiversity, environment, health and neuroscience that are accompanied with catchy clolourful cartoons. In this way, high scientific quality meets the curiosity of the next generation of society and scientists.

Haupt K, Wagner L, Häder A and Vylkova S (2020) The Fungus Among Us: Why the Treatment of Fungal Infections Is So Problematic. Front. Young Minds. 8:557533. doi: 10.3389/frym.2020.557533

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