Research approach

The ZIK Septomics pursues an integrated research approach to combat deficits in sepsis diagnostics and therapy. We combine interdisciplinary basic research with clinical and translational sepsis research. The aim is to overcome the persistent stagnation in diagnosis and therapy by means of an improved molecular understanding of sepsis.

Particulary innovative – our systems biology approach in basic research: it is not intended to identify and isolate single, significant molecules. We rather focus on the entirety of an organism with its response to infection on the one hand, as well as the virulence mechanisms of sepsis pathogens on the other, which are analysed by multiple disciplines (e.g. molecular biology, microbiology, infection research and bioinformatics). This interdisciplinary and complementary approach combined with excellent clinical expertise defines the ZIK Septomics. Physicians document patient data, acquire samples from patients threatened or affected by sepsis, and carry out studies to define optimal diagnosis and treatment standards in sepsis. In turn, results from clinical research provide new ideas for novel approaches to basic researchers.

Due to this unique structure, the ZIK Septomics has developed, since its foundation in 2009, into a central partner for research on life-threatening infections at the research site Jena.