Host Septomics

The main scientific interest of the Host Septomics Research Group for Infection and Microbiome Research is to contribute to an understanding of the complex interactions between human pulmonary mucosa and the environment in health and disease. A particular focus is on cellular pathways and networks of C-type lectin and CEACAM-receptors. Further besides bacteria we also focus on fungi as commensals and potential pulmonary pathogens of the human lung. We understand that in pulmonary inflammation the human host, together with its associated lung microbiome must be regarded as a functional unit. Disease mechanisms can, therefore, only be described when taking both sides of this “metaorganism” into account. For our questions, we also develop novel tools and techniques using 16s rDNA and ITS sequencing to understand regulatory events and cellular/bacterial and cellular/fungeal response profiles in model systems of chronic inflammatory diseases.

Prof. Slevogt,leader of the group, is a member of several large-scale consortia delineating the pathophysiology of human infectious diseases.


Prof. Dr. med. Hortense Slevogt, DTM & H

Prof. Dr. med. Hortense Slevogt, DTM & H



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